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BREAKING: PureCars Acquires Showroom Logic

October 3, 2017 0 Comments

PureCars today announced the acquisition of longtime competitor Showroom Logic.


PureCars and Showroom Logic are two of the leading digital marketing technology companies that were founded and developed solely to serve the automotive industry.

PureCars founder and chairman Jeremy Anspach told DrivingSales in a statement:

“At PureCars, our focus for the past decade has been helping dealers improve their digital advertising with highly relevant and targeted advertising that has a far higher ROI than other ad sources and providers. Since both companies share similar vision, the transaction with Showroom Logic allows us to truly push the boundaries on our technology and data driven approach, and as a result move our industry forward. Combining the solutions over time will help our clients have even better performance. With PureCars being an exclusive digital advertising platform to automotive, and the largest that doesn’t have distractions from other product lines, it puts us in a great spot to continue to be the leader for years to come.” 

As DrivingSales reported in a press release earlier today, Matt Weinberg, who served as Showroom Logic’s chief strategy officer, has taken on the role of senior vice president of consumer experience at the San Francisco-based tech company Drive Motors.

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