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Buick Bids Bye-Bye to Badging on 2019 Models

March 14, 2018 1 Comment

Buick announced that it is removing the “Buick” script badge from the back of their vehicles, starting with the 2019 models. The change began with the 2019 Buick Envision, which got a mid-cycle refresh with small quality-of-life adjustments and a lower starting price.

Cynics might say the badge removal decision is a way to save a few dollars per car, but the automaker’s reasoning goes deeper than that.

“Mostly, it was for global consistency because we don’t put the name badge on [Buicks] in China. It also makes room if we decide to add an Avenir badge on the rear,” said Stu Fowle, a Buick spokesman. Driving-Sales-Automotive-News-Buick-Envision-Remove-Badge-2019-Models

Avenir, Buick’s new high-end trim level, will act like Denali does for GMC: “encompassing the best interior appointments the automaker has to offer.” CNET’s Andrew Krok took a 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir “for a spin” and was impressed with the interior’s look and feel.

According to Fowle, research indicated that the shield badge is identifiable enough to stand on its own. If that’s the case, said Krok, the automaker may want to change its advertising tagline from “That’s a Buick?” to “Of course that’s a Buick!”

Removing the badge is a bold move, to be sure, but Buick thinks it will pay off. At the very least, making room for the Avenir badge could be a good way to get people interested in the high-end trim.

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    Stupidest thing that I have ever heard.