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California Bill Would Prohibit Gas-Powered Vehicle Sales

January 8, 2018 0 Comments

A bill introduced in California would require every new vehicle sold in the Golden State to be zero emissions.

According to multiple media reports including SFGate, the bill would require every vehicle sold in California to be zero emissions by 2040. The bill, called The Clean Cars 2040 Act, was introduced by assemblyman Phil Ting, and reportedly coincides with another goal from the California state government to get the total number of zero emissions vehicles in the state up to 1.5 million ahead of 2025. For perspective, less than two percent of the vehicles sold in California in 2016 were zero emissions.

Another piece of legislation coming from Ting is AB1184, the California Electric Vehicle Initiative. This legislation would create a rebate program redeemable at dealerships, as part of an effort to make zero emissions vehicles easier to afford, with the goal of 5 million EVs on the road in the Golden State by 2030.

What is your take on states deciding to push towards zero emissions-only vehicle sales? What key impact do you see for dealers if they eventually sell only zero emissions vehicles?

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