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Car Jacking: Salesman Jumps Out of Moving Truck

March 11, 2017 0 Comments

Today’s story involves a very scary situation that occurred when a dealership salesman went out for a test drive.

According to a WIAT report, a car salesman had a gun pulled on him during a vehicle test drive. As the story goes, on March 8, at around 4pm a man arrived in a family sedan at Rick Phillips Motors out of Jasper, Alabama with a woman and kids in the car. The man reportedly wanted to test-drive a 2008 Chevy Silverado, and left on a test-drive in the truck with a dealership salesman.

Not long after the test drive began the man test driving the truck reportedly pulled out a gun and told the salesman to put his shoes and wallet on the dash. The salesman reportedly then tried to jump out of the moving truck, got stuck on the seat belt and ended up with road burns from being dragged about 75 feet. The suspect in this case is reportedly still at large and the stolen Silverado has reportedly not been found.

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