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Car Thefts Continue In Chicago

January 30, 2017 0 Comments

We’ve been hearing more and more about vehicles, and particularly luxury vehicles, being stolen right off of dealership property. Well, today’s story continues that trend, as according to the Naperville sun, three men drove away in two freshly washed luxury cars in Naperville, Illinois.

“They had a mission. They walked right up, got right in the cars and left like they owned them,” said Mike Korallus, general manager of the dealership at 1550 W. Ogden Ave.

“It was like in the movies. Everyone froze. Everybody was just in shock and disbelief,” Korallus added. “It was pretty brazen.”

The three men reportedly took a 2014 and 2016 QX60, and these two vehicles were just two of six reported stolen to Naperville police, in a matter of 24 hours. He dealerships reporting the thefts were Jaguar of Naperville and Infiniti of Naperville. The Jaguar dealership lost four cars after thieves broke open an overhead door in the service area police say. One was found abandoned on a nearby road. The abandoned car was found about 10 hours after the thefts from the Infiniti dealership. The officer who found it didn’t know if the vehicle was stolen, or ran out of gas. But Commander Lou Cammiso of Naperville police say he found out quickly

“In the vehicle, there was evidence in relation to the Jaguar dealership,” which prompted the officer to contact the dealership’s owners, he said.

Police and Jaguar employees “discovered a forced entry to a garage door” in the building’s service area and determined three other vehicles — a 2016 Jaguar, a 2012 Land Rover and an older model car described as “possibly a Ford Fusion” — were missing.

“We don’t have evidence or proof that these two crimes are related, but we’re investigating the possibility that they are,” Cammiso said.

Similar crimes “are going on all over the Chicago area,” he said, but police don’t think they’re necessarily connected or that a single group is responsible.

“It appears to be mostly people with the same idea,” Cammiso said. “There isn’t any kind of organized group that’s responsible, that I know of.”

The general manager of Jaguar of Naperville didn’t have a comment.

Korallus said while he regretted the loss of his two cars — the 2016 model alone was valued at over $50,000 — he was just happy that nothing worse happened during the theft.

“It’s a blessing, really, (because) no one was hurt,” he said.


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