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Cars Registry Introduces Dealership-Themed Domains

December 16, 2015 0 Comments

A new joint venture is trying to give dealers the opportunity to register: cars, .car and .auto domain names. According to the organization’s COO, it’s like 1995 all over again.

Cars Registry, a joint-venture between XYZ and Uniregistry is offering dealers and dealer groups domain names they feel will be both a hit for the business and Google search results. The organization is offering the domain names .Cars, .Car, and .Auto for what they said would be typically less than a dealer who wanted to register a dot-com using either the name of their store or a geographical indicator.

Car Registry CEO, Daniel Negari, spoke about the reasoning behind dealers switching to a new domain extension in a statement saying, “With nearly 300 million domain names registered worldwide, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to find short memorable domains.”

Mike Ambrose, chief 0perations officer of Cars Registry Limited sat down with DrivingSales News to provide further insight into what his organization feels they offer the retail automotive industry. Ambrose feels the dealers who employ one of the specialized domains will see a positive reception from Google.

Ambrose explained, “When we start to see websites go live we expect that the websites will be ranked very favorably (on) Google and other search engines.”

Mike further noted Google is all about relevancy, and for dealers wanting to be found via online search, “There is a value in the exact match keyword domains and they use the value of the domain name in the algorithm to determine the search ranking of a certain website. So, for example, if a dealership launches a website on, it makes sense that Google would take the value of that domain name into account, so is likely to rank for keywords like “Los Angeles cars,” “Los Angeles used cars,” Los Angeles pre-owned cars,” and different variations of competitive keywords.

Ambrose also said there is more to having your dealership site rank higher on Google than just an ideal domain name. Ambrose said, “There’s a lot of factors that determine a website’s search engine ranking and the domain name is one part of it. Content and consistent content that users like and come back to the site. The content matters. It’s not just the domain name; it’s not just the content. It’s a variety of factors.”

Ambrose also feels that once the automotive-specific domain names go on sale, major cities and states will be quickly taken. Mike also said registering shorter domains could mean a change to business cards. Ambrose said, “So I would see what is the main domain name that I’m using for my dealership? You know, (for example) and then I have say, five dealerships underneath that. It’s kind of hard to show on my business card because it spans the entire length of the bottom of the business card, and you know, I really want to clean it up to, or or and make a real short, mobile-friendly url.”

What’s the domain name at your store and how difficult was it to acquire? Do you think that giving dealers a chance to have a .car, .cars or .auto domain name will have a big impact on retail automotive?

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