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Chevy Dealer Goes Extra Mile To Help Customer

May 16, 2017 0 Comments

For today’s story a Michigan man still seems unable to believe just how well he was treated by a ‘dealer doing good.’

A WZZM report details the experience of Marty Helton, who received a lot of help from Betten Baker Chevrolet out of Coopersville, Michigan. Helton reportedly purchased a vehicle from the store and three months later the engine died while on a trip in North Carolina. Helton purchased the vehicle “as-is” and had a partial warranty on the car however it didn’t cover the all of the repair costs. Helton called Betten Baker Chevrolet and said they sprung into action, gave him a brand new Chevy Silverado to drive and worked with the warranty company to get his vehicle fixed over in North Carolina.

Helton says he was treated supremely well by this Betten Baker Chevrolet, a store which is an excellent example of a ‘dealer doing good.’ At your store or group, have you ever had the chance to help out a customer in this manner?

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