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CT Police Send Warning To Dealerships

October 19, 2017 0 Comments

A local police department is sending a warning to dealerships after a rise in dealership-related crimes.

According to a Fox61 report, the Hartford Connecticut police department has warned local dealers about a string of recent crimes targeting dealerships. The apparent trend involves crooks breaking into stores, stealing vehicle keys, and eventually stealing dealership inventory.

Per Fox61, the Hartford PD sent a letter to 198 combined dealerships and repair shops. The letter warns dealers to be cautious, and indicated there will be an uptick in patrols and that there have been at least 6 incidents since July. The letter reads in part, “Suspects have breached doors and windows to the properties and have stolen keys to vehicles that are parked in the lots. On one such occasion, 56 keys were taken. Patrol units arrested the suspects when they returned two days later as they entered the property to take the vehicles.”

The police department urged dealers to keep vehicle keys and vehicle paperwork in a secure location.

What’s your take on the warning sent out by police out to dealerships in Connecticut, and what trends have you noticed when it comes to dealership-related crimes in your area?

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