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Dealer Digital Marketing Report January 2017

February 9, 2017 0 Comments

The January Dealership Digital Marketing Report is here, and we’re answering this important question: is Facebook worth it?

This is a question that seems to be asked a lot in the auto industry. Many people aren’t sure if spending time and money on social media will result in a benefit for their company. Thanks to the newest Dealer Digital Marketing report, we have a better answer for you.

Compared to January of 2016, dealers in the best-in-class group saw an increase in the number of unique Facebook visitors. This bump implies that more people are utilizing Facebook and other social media platforms regularly, so there are new, unique customers to see your content each and every day. It also shows us that dealerships are putting more effort into their Facebook and social strategy, which is affecting the visits they are getting on those pages.

We can see a correlation in the number of unique people seeing Facebook content, and unique site visitors. Unique site visitors are up 48% from January of 2016, implying that some of that unique Facebook traffic is translating to people engaging with the website. We also see that time spent on the page is up, again suggesting that this new audience of unique viewers are a bit more engaged with the site.

However we do see a downturn on page views per visit, and page views overall, suggesting that while we have unique traffic, dealers need to work on calls-to-action motivating them to move to additional pages.

There was also a 94% increase of overall Facebook likes for best-in-class dealership pages. This is showing that not only are more people seeing content, but more people are engaging with it, following specific pages, and actually reading posts and looking at pictures.

All of this information tells us that working on your social media content is vital to your growing success as a company, and that engaging people via social media could mean a great boost for your website as well.


Download the full report here.

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