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Dealer Open 24 Hours For Wildfire First Responders

October 11, 2017 0 Comments

In true ‘dealer doing good’ fashion, a Hyundai store in California is going the extra mile to help firefighters as deadly wildfires rage on.

According to KXTV, Hyundai of Petaluma is providing support to those fighting the raging wildfires. As these powerful and tragically destructive fires rage in northern California, the dealership is offering help to first responders.

In a post on the dealership Facebook page dated October 9th, the store indicated it closed during the day but would remain open to helping first responders all night long. Part of the post indicated the store is providing “water and coffee and snacks and Gatorade and blankets and a quiet, safe place to be.” The post went on to express gratitude for the first responders, saying, “Our team is here to thank you and support all you’re doing to help our wonderful county in this time of crisis.”

Certainly, by reaching out to help first responders battling these deadly fires, Hyundai of Petaluma falls into the category of a ‘dealer doing good.’  Could you see your store or group providing assistance to first responders in your area?

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