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Dealership Arson: Clothes/Car Catch Fire

August 4, 2017 0 Comments

A now-former dealership employee attempted to set fire to his place of employment; however, things went terribly wrong.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Bryant Cameron, 28, admitted to setting the Rosemont, Illinois-based Epic Motorsports dealership on fire. On the evening on July 24, Cameron was reportedly trusted to lock up the dealership. However, instead of locking up, he apparently poured gas on the ground inside the store and attempted to start a fire inside the dealership using a lit cigarette. However, his fire didn’t go as he had likely planned.

Cameron accidentally caught his clothes on fire, then made a swift move to his vehicle to leave the property; however his car also caught on fire. The remedy used to try to put out the car fire was to drive fast. The blaze caused heavy damage to dealership vehicles and office equipment. Cameron’s crime was caught on camera and he has been arrested.

Cameron was employer at the dealership moving cars and cleaning up. His crime reportedly took place less than six months after he started working at the store.

What is your take on this dangerous action by a former dealership employee?

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