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Dealership Bear Mascot Video Goes Viral

January 7, 2017 0 Comments

A franchise dealership out of Minnesota is making headlines not for a major sale or even commercial, but for the outtakes for one of their ads.

White Bear Mitsubishi out of White Bear Lake, Minnesota is making national headlines for the outtakes from one of their recent commercials. In the outtakes for the ad, posted to YouTube, the mascot for the store, a large white bear can’t stay upright during filming on an ice rink. Richard Herod III, the GM of the store is quoted in the Statesman newspaper describing the commercial shoot saying in part, “We’d get to the end and people were like drinking sodas and spitting them out. While this was happening we were just trying to get through the shoot. We were having fun, but I don’t know if he (dealership mascot) was.”

Do you have a mascot for your store or group? Have you ever had hilarity ensue while trying to film an ad for your store or group?

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