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Dealership Employees Save People From Fire

October 5, 2017 0 Comments

Dealership employees in Wisconsin are being hailed as heroes for their quick thinking in a very scary situation.

According to a Journal Times report, employees at Frank Boucher Chevrolet Cadillac, in Racine, Wisconsin, helped evacuate an assisted living home that caught fire. As the story goes, a salesman from the dealership saw the fire and noted the flames were “20 feet in the air.” The salesman and other members of the dealership staff sprung into action, rushing over to the assisted living facility to help the residents.

South Shore Fire Division Chief Ed Lockhart spoke to the Journal Times about the quick actions by dealership staff, saying in part, “If no one intervenes before we get there, we’re talking five to seven minutes before we can even get here and assess what’s going on … that fire was not waiting for people to be evacuated, that’s the reality.”

Certainly, the fast-acting staff at this Chevy store belong in the category of ‘dealership employees doing good.’

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