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Dealership GM Indicted for Pointing Gun at Salesman

September 20, 2017 2 Comments

Fourteen months after allegedly committing a “racially motivated hostile act” toward a black salesman at a Long Island car dealership, general manager Mike Volonakis was arraigned on Monday.

On July 29 of last year, Marc Jean, a car salesman at Garden City Jeep Chrysler, in Hempstead, New York, said his general sales manager pointed a gun at him and asked him if it looked “familiar.”

According to police, the gun was not loaded at the time and was allegedly brought to the dealership as “part of a planned trip to the local gun range.” Volonakis was charged with weapons possession.

“That situation traumatized me in some ways,” said Jean.

Initially, the Hempstead Police Department just issued a desk appearance ticket to Volonakis following the incident. In that vein, “[t]here has been a pattern of the Hempstead Police Department not acting as a professional unit as it should,” said Fred Brewington, Jean’s lawyer.

After a PIX11 report raised questions about how the police had handled the case, the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office took over the investigation.

“This was never an issue, racially or any other way motivated,” said Charles Ferzola, Volonakis’s attorney, to PIX11. When Ferzola was asked if Volonakis still denies aiming the gun at Jean, Ferzola said, “That is correct. He doesn’t.”

Furthermore, two car dealership employees who witnessed Volonakis handling the gun at the time might have changed their stories while speaking under oath to state investigators.

PIX11 news obtained copies of two handwritten letters of “contemporaneous statements from Anthony Dash and Matthew Stanisic” made last year in the the weeks following the alleged incident. State investigators found that Dash and Stanisic’s statements were inconsistent with their affidavits.

In Dash’s initial statement about Volonakis, he wrote, “Mike, then looked at it, then looked over to Marc with it…” and Stanisic wrote, “Mike V picked up the gun to look at it. It was pointed in Marc’s direction.”

These inconsistencies may have something to do with the New York State Division of Human Rights’s final ruling on the case: “After investigation, the Division has determined…that PROBABLE CAUSE exists to believe that the Respondents [Volonakis] have engaged in or are engaging in the unlawful discriminatory practice…” at issue in the case.

If convicted of criminal possession of a weapon, Volonakis could face four years in prison.

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  • Dealer Guy says:

    The gun-toting dealer is
    A.) really stupid
    B.) ignorant of the law
    C.) Morally bankrupt
    D.)Eligible to be sued and lose everything
    E.)All the above