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Dealership Owner Attacked By Car Thieves

April 9, 2018 0 Comments

This is your look at dealership news from all across the nation.

First off, per Reuters, The California Public Utilities Commission indicated on April 6th it would allow self-driving vehicles to pick up passengers without a backup driver. The proposal will be voted on during a commission meeting in May.

Next up, per KVUE, on April 2nd a Toyota Prius was stolen from an Austin, Texas dealership. The dealership owner saw the stolen vehicle at a gas station when he filled up on April 3rd. The store’s owner confronted the men in the car, who then reacted by running into him as well as running over his right arm and leg. The dealership owner might require surgery and the car thieves were found by police and arrested

Finally, per, on April 7th thieves stole the tires and wheels off of at least four cars at Metro Honda out of Jersey city, NJ. The indication is that the thieves cut through the dealership fence, stole the tires and rims and left the vehicles up on blocks.

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