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Did Google Update Its Search Rankings Algorithm Last Week?

February 15, 2017 0 Comments

Many webmasters have been reporting about changes in Google’s search rankings algorithm over the past week, although the company has not commented on the situation. According to a report from Search Engine Land, the new update seems to be related to Panda, based on such things as content and site quality. It appears to be unrelated to an unconfirmed link algorithm change from earlier in February, which was based on link factors.

However, Google has not commented on what webmasters and SEO experts have been noticing over the past week in the search results, so it cannot yet be confirmed if the latest update was a content quality shift, link quality change, or something else entirely.

At the same time, many experts in the search industry have been noticing these ranking changes, through looking at ranking reports or their traffic from Google in their analytics, or using other tools that track visibility. Automated tracking tools from Mozcast, RankRanger, Accuranker and others have all showed evidence of an algorithm update on Feb. 7.

The following are some recent remarks in webmaster forums:

“I’ve been monitoring my main keywords since Monday. I see a completely non-standard float. Right now my main keyword went down to the eighth page, a few hours later it returned to normal.”

“Seen massive changes in serps again over the past few days. Something has definitely rolled out.”

“We’ve had a noticeable increase in Google traffic in the last few days. It started on Monday, and the increases for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday over the previous week have ranged from about 10 to 13 percent.”

Although Google hasn’t commented on this update, the massive number of reports make it appear that something significant has changed. Of course, some webmasters are experiencing a lift in the search results and some are seeing a drop, which is typical of any Google algorithm update. We’ll continue to watch this story for more information.

Have you noticed any significant changes in your Google rankings over the past week?

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