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DOJ to FCA: Recall Cars, Pay Fines

February 5, 2018 1 Comment

Fiat Chrysler may soon settle a lawsuit with the federal government, which is reportedly seeking “substantial” fines.

According to a Bloomberg report, the U.S. Justice Department has indicated it is willing to settle a lawsuit with Fiat Chrysler if the automaker both recalls 104,000 vehicles and pays an unspecified “substantial” civil penalty. The lawsuit is in relation to allegations that FCA cheated on vehicle emissions by using software in a manner somewhat similar to that used in the Volkswagen emissions scandal. The indication in the report is that in order to settle the case, Fiat Chrysler’s deal “must include very substantial civil penalties” to reportedly deter future violations.

The report also states that FCA has the same team of lawyers working its case that Volkswagen enlisted. Fiat Chrysler has also officially denied wrongdoing, with Sergio Marchionne saying in 2017 that the allegations were “unadulterated hogwash.”

What is your take on the desire on the part of the federal government to fine Fiat Chrysler enough to potentially deter future violations? What do you think of the trend of high dollar settlement fines against automakers during the past few years?

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  • Russ Groner says:

    I think the fed has their hands in enough it would do justice to make them give/pay back the consumers involved! Not do some BS buy back where the consumer pays $15000.00 more for same make new model year!They just raise the price of the vehicles and we the people pay like always and fed gets more money again on both the sale of the new, and fixed used vehicle! What do they do with all this money?