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Empty Gas Tank Stops Dealership Thief

April 16, 2018 0 Comments

This is your look at dealership news from all across the nation.

First off, per DetriotFreePress, Sergio Marchionne, current CEO of Fiat Chrysler is expected to retire from his post in spring of 2019. During the annual FCA company meeting on April 13th, Marchionne reportedly told those in attendance that the successor to his leadership post also wouldn’t be named until sometime in 2019.

Next up, According to WSOCTV, two women out of North Carolina are reportedly suing Nissan. The reason stated for the suit is blame towards the automaker’s key-less ignition system they think caused their vehicle to run overnight in their garage, causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Finally, as KRMG reported, an unidentified running Dodge pickup was stolen from a used vehicle dealership out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As the story goes, the thief swiped the running truck off the lot and refused to stop for police, only being forced to stop not long into the pursuit when the truck ran out of gas.

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