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Entire fleet of vehicles stolen from Small Albuquerque dealership

January 1, 2018 0 Comments

According to KRQE news, It wasn’t a good holiday season for Lindsey Arellanes, owner of Love Auto near Lomas and Broadway in Albuquerque. The day after Christmas, Arellanes got an alarming phone call from the Albuquerque Police Department.

“I got a phone call that one of my vehicles had been recovered, I wasn’t even aware that it was stolen yet,” she said.

“I rushed down here immediately and discovered six of our vehicles had been taken on Christmas Day,” said Arellanes.

At the time, those six vehicles made up her entire fleet.

“They got through the gate,” she said. “They got into the office. They cut my power.”

The security cameras were no help either.

“They took my desktop, along with the DVR with all my security footage on it,” she said.

Arellanes said that the thieves ruined the holiday season and left her feeling helpless.

“It was extremely violating, it was upsetting you know,” said Arellanes.

Some hope arrived soon, however.

“That morning I got a phone call that one of the vehicles had been recovered and actually at that site, there [were] two of them,” she said.

Soon afterwards, APD found a third vehicle. Arellanes said she feels lucky that no major damage was done to the vehicles, but three vehicles are still missing.

“I have a 2012 white Toyota Camry. I have a 2014 white Nissan Altima, and a 2017 blue Hyundai Sonata,” she said.

Arellanes is disappointed that someone would do this during the Christmas season.

“We want to help our community as much as we can, but doing stuff like this hurts us and it prevents us from being able to help to the potential we can,” she said.

Love Auto has been there since 2014. This is the first time Arellano’s been hit with theft. She has no plans to move business, but she’s planning on hiring a security company.

About the Author:

Dave Martinson is a broadcast journalist for DrivingSalesNews. He has a background as a TV News Reporter, Anchor and Producer. He has also worked in Digital Marketing and Human Resources. He received his bachelor’s degree in Communication from Brigham Young University – Idaho. He’s married and originally from the state of Washington. He’s a huge football fan and enjoys the outdoors.