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Fire Risk: Hyundai Recalls 88K Vehicles

January 29, 2018 0 Comments

Hyundai is issuing a recall for nearly 88,000 vehicles, due to a potential electrical short in the antilock brake system, which could cause engine-compartment fires. The recall for the affected vehicles, which extends to certain 2006 Sonatas and 2006-2011 Azeras, will go into effect around February 23.
In government documents published on Wednesday, Hyundai explained that water could get into the antilock brake module and potentially cause a short. The short could cause the module to overheat and start a fire, even when the vehicle isn’t on. The automaker said that there is no need to park the cars outside until repairs are made, as the recall is a precautionary one.

Hyundai spokesperson Michael Stewart said that the company is not worried about the short happening when the car is on since the problem is specific to the key being in the off position and the car being stored for one to two weeks.

Dealers will install a relay in the main fuse panel to eliminate the risk of the ABS module shorting out while the car is off.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defect document mentions one instance of actual smoke in the U.S. and one example of an overheated ABS module in South Korea.

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