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Ford CEO: Trump Presidency Impacted Mexico Plant Decision

January 5, 2017 0 Comments

We’ve reported multiple times previously about Donald Trump’s comments about Ford. Trump has said he’d tax the automaker 35% on vehicles and parts they make in Mexico and then bring back across the border. The latest news surrounding Ford is their decision to cancel a plant in Mexico and create more jobs in the USA.

According to multiple media reports, Ford will cancel their plan for the development of a $1.6 billion small vehicle plant in Mexico and ramp up production in the United States at one of their Michigan facilities. The Michigan plant will focus on both electric and self-driving vehicles. Ford CEO Mark Fields was open about the automaker’s decision to expand U.S. operations, saying Trump’s presidency played a role. Speaking to Forbes on the decision to cancel the Mexico plant, Fields said in part, “As you can imagine, we look at a lot of different factors and one is that we feel it’s going to be a positive business environment under President-elect Trump, particularly for manufacturing. We are confident that he’s going to be able to deliver on that and that does play a part. It did play a part in those decisions.”

What has been your interpretation about the potential impact of President-elect Trump’s policies on the automotive industry? Does your outlook on retail automotive change based on who will occupy the white house during the next four years?

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