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Ford Dealership: $60,000 for 10-Second Mustangs

July 8, 2017 0 Comments

Today’s story is that of a Ford store selling modified vehicles that can only be described as fast and furious.

Lebanon Ford of Lebanon, Ohio is selling 10-second 2017 Ford Mustangs. These vehicles are supposed to be able to achieve a 10-second quarter mile. The dealership is careful to note on their website that a ten second quarter mile is something that does require safety as well as skill. It’s noted that factors such as the climate, weather and the experience of the driver can make a major impact on the performance of the street legal racing machines.

The dealership is marketing the vehicles as as “10-second Mustang for $60,000.” Lebanon Ford first sells the 2017 Mustangs to the consumer and then modifies them according to their taste. The Q and A page for the dealership notes that the modified mustangs are sold “post title,” thus they aren’t ready for same day pickup right off the showroom floor.

This isn’t the dealership’s first entry into selling modified vehicles to consumers looking for above-stock speed. The dealership has previously sold a 1200 horsepower mustang for around $45,000. The Ford dealership  also has a wide array of produced video content on their YouTube page highlighting their Lebanon Ford Performance aftermarket specialty vehicles.

Do you sell performance-modified vehicles at your store or group and if you do, what feedback have you received from consumers?

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