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How to Use the New Facebook Messenger Function for Marketing

December 7, 2017 0 Comments

Facebook has just released its new Messenger app ads to the general public. What does this mean for dealerships on the social media site? Now, with the new ads, dealers can directly message potential prospects with the Facebook Messenger app.

As with any new marketing tool, however, you’ll need to determine the most effective methods for your advertising campaigns and for your customers to figure out what works and what doesn’t – and how to maintain professional boundaries on social media.

Facebook announced three main types of the new Messenger ads: Messenger destination ads, Messenger home placement ads, and sponsored Messenger placement ads.


Messenger Destination Ads

As the name suggests, this ad type is destination-based. It works like other display-style ads that show up in the news feed, but instead of linking to a Facebook page or another landing page it opens up a Messenger conversation. Instead of a call to action of “Read More,” it reads “Send Message.”

Messenger destination ads are a great way to start conversations with users, and can actually streamline the customer acquisition process through qualification (initiating conversations upfront before spending money to get users into your funnel) and retargeting (funneling engaged users from a broad audience into a sponsored message, touched upon more later).

These ads can also be a form of account-based marketing, allowing businesses to focus on qualifying prospects ahead of time to narrow the pool early on, seeking out ideal clients.

Here’s how to get the destination ads set up:

  1. Head to FB Business Manager, create a new ad
  2. Under messages section, select “Click to Messenger”
  3. After you select your audience, scroll to ad format and choose video or single image, depending on your ad
  4. Upload your image or video
  5. Set up your ad with a headline and text, keeping in mind you want to qualify prospects ahead of time
  6. Select “Send Message” as your call to action
  7. Set up your welcome messages – the opening message people will receive when they click on the ad.


Messenger Home Placement

This type sends messaging options to the “home” section of user inboxes, but it otherwise works the same way the destination ads do with the user initiating the conversation. A business cannot message a user individually unless the user accepts the invitation to the message.

It works like a “sponsored blast” like the destination ads, but the Messenger home placement ads appear in the messaging app as well as the news feed.

It’s easy to set up, as well: all businesses need to do is check the “Home” box under the placement section of its ads.


Sponsored Message Placement

The trickiest of the new Messenger ads, sponsored messages allow businesses to send direct messages straight to user inboxes, provided the user engaged with the brand first. If a user has engaged with a brand, the business can then re-target the user with sponsored messages (offers or discounts work well to nudge them further down the funnel).

Chances are, businesses have already done a lot of the work: finding the audience, generating brand awareness, evaluating their pain points, and qualifying users. The hard part is getting potential prospects to convert on an offer.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Set up a new custom audience based on “Engagement”
  2. Select the “Facebook Page” option
  3. Select “People who sent a message to your page” as custom audience criteria

The Messenger ads are a new, interesting way to reach customers. While it may take time to explore which tactics work and which do not, it’s worth checking out to “build up brand awareness at the beginning, nurture newly-aware leads, and convert them into qualified prospects who are ready to buy.”

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