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Jaguar’s Take-It-With-You Steering Wheel

September 8, 2017 0 Comments

Jaguar appears to be focusing on a self-driving, on-demand, shared mobility future. Its concept car, called the Future-Type, boasts both an assisted manual driving option and a fully autonomous one, with a narrow-bodied design to squeeze into those tight places in dense cities. The Future-Type also comes with a removable steering wheel, named Sayer, described by TechCrunch as “sort of like an automotive Pokemon pal.”

As mentioned, Sayer is removable. So, why would you want to take it with you? Well, because it’s also a music player, a smart assistant, and a mobile device. Using voice commands, you can ask Sayer to set appointments, control your smart home, and even summon your vehicle.


The Future-Type will work with co-operative car sharing networks, which means other people could summon your car and take it on trips, if you opted for that. Your new Sayer Pokemon pal would manage all of that based on your availability and plans.


Of course, if the driver wants to drive their new Jaguar themselves, they can do that, as well: Sayer does work as a regular steering wheel, in addition to all its nifty new capabilities.


Jaguar’s Future-Type concept car paints an automotive future where you might only fully own the steering wheel of your vehicle, with Sayer as the “primary link between customers and shared transportation services.”

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