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Kia Artificial Intelligence Bot Directs Customers To Dealerships

November 21, 2017 0 Comments

Kia has a announced a new artificial intelligence tool that could drive traffic to its dealerships.

According to a company press release, Kia has announced “Kian” — an artificial intelligence bot designed to interact with potential car shoppers. The bot, deployed via Facebook Messenger, is intended to provide “product information, local inventory, current pricing offers, and comparisons to competitive vehicles.” The bot can reportedly understand natural language, and is apparently able to learn over time in order to better handle inquiries.

Saad Chehab, vice president of marketing communications for Kia Motors America, said in a statement, ” In our ever-changing digital world, Kian is programmed to understand individual customer needs and then provide shopping decision support instantly and intuitively. Shoppers and Kia owners can chat with Kian on their own time, with no pressure and on the mobile messaging platform they use the most.” The bot is currently deployed only on Facebook Messenger, but will eventually make its way over to

For dealers, such artificial intelligence could potentially play a huge role in driving actively in-market car shoppers to dealerships. Do you think this type of AI social media outreach is part of the future of automotive retail?

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