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Making the Move to the Modern Age: Social Media and Customer Service

May 9, 2017 0 Comments

In today’s market, if you want to stay ahead of the game you have to use social media. Clients rely heavily on it, using social media to voice complaints and browse for second opinions on goods and services provided by businesses. This makes it crucial in terms of customer service, and it can also be a valuable marketing tool.

SocialMediaToday has a few tips for improving your business’s customer service:

  1. Address complaints: don’t disregard customer’s public complaints. Bad reviews or a bad reputation on social media can affect the image of your business when potential clients browse your page. Responsiveness is a priority, making clients feel listened to.
  2. Engage your clients: focus social media posts (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) on being engaging, original, and authentic. Consumers can often tell if a business is following a default strategy, seeing through it. You should strive to be different from your competitors, and aim for posts to generate an exchange between yourself and your clients. Some suggestions offered by SocialMediaToday: witty comments and trending news.
  3. Educate your customers: this can save you money as well as improve your customer satisfaction ratings. As an example, implemented a way to address common concerns and questions their customers had via an FAQ page, and their satisfaction ratings improved as a result.
  4. Adapt to suggestions: It’s not enough to just listen and make your clients feel heard; as a business, you need to address complaints and suggestions and try to resolve reported issues. Implementing customer suggestions can “mitigate repeat complaints” and fix lasting issues. Suggestions give you the chance to make your business better for your target audience.

In a time where customers expect more than a basic website or outdated phone system from customer service, using social media correctly can give your business a huge advantage.

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