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March Dealership Digital Marketing Report

April 17, 2017 0 Comments

The March Dealership Digital Marketing Report is here and it’s showing us some valuable insights on website engagement.

This report compares March 2016 to March 2017, showing us how this web engagement is growing and changing.

In the March report, we are seeing that mobile vs. desktop is still on the rise. Mobile is up from 51% in 2016 to 56% in 2017, putting it 9% ahead of desktop overall this year. We’ve talked for months and years about how mobile is changing the website and sales process, and here we just keep seeing that more and more traffic comes from mobile vs. desktop.

Another interesting element of this is that time on site is down 8% from 2016. So people are using mobile phones more and more, and are spending less time on the sites. Why is this? It could be that mobile engagement gives a better opportunity for customers to get distracted and leave the page. But it also is likely due to the way we engage desktop and mobile customers alike. We can’t engage these audiences in the same way and expect the same results. This teaches us that we need to give clear call to actions, clear paths for continuing on into the site and give engaging content that makes them want to keep viewing or reading.

There are many ways to ensure your website is engaging. Focus groups, web testers, heat mapping techniques, and more can give you insight into what parts of your desktop and mobile sites are interesting and lead to progression, and where people get lost or disinterested in your site.

Similarly, we also see that page views per visit is down 3%, again showing that we need to give a more clear path for consumers to follow when they hit our site, especially on mobile. This will help consumers get deeper into the site, increasing the time they spend on the site as well as the number of pages they are going to view.

Check out the full Digital Marketing Report here, and learn what your dealership can do to improve with the changing landscape of digital marketing.

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