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Michigan Dealership Employee Breaks Car Sales World Record

February 12, 2018 3 Comments

Ali Reda, 44, has spent 17 years as a car sales consultant, focusing on building trust and relationships with people rather than selling – and he broke a world sales record doing it.

Reda, who has worked as a sales consultant at Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac for the last seven years, broke the world record for the most vehicles sold in the U.S. in one year. In 2017, he sold a record 1,582 vehicles, beating the previous record of 1,425 vehicles by 157 units.

“This is more about people than cars, and that’s what I enjoy most,” Reda said. “I’m more of an adviser than a car salesman. I’ve built relationships over the years. It took time and just went from there.”

Dearborn is a small community; “everybody knows everybody,” Reda said, and he’s well-known and trusted there.

“I’m very active in charity and social events — pretty much everything the city has to offer.” Reda added that he supports local businesses and is involved with ACCESS and HYPE Athletics. “The biggest part of advertising is being present where you advertise. I can put up a banner at HYPE, but being there is a different thing.”

Reda graduated from Fordson High School before earning an associate’s degree in business from Henry Ford College. He then went into the car sales business “on a whim.”

“I was working at an industrial company and wanted to find something better. A friend of mine was selling cars and he said I should give it a shot,” he said.

At the dealership, Reda took to sales like a fish to water.

“You’re basically selling to your friends,” he said. “People come in and I’m more here to help them and solve problems. It’s a lot easier when you’re not selling things. We’re zero pressure. If it’s not the right car, I’ll simply tell them it’s not the right car.”

Reda was honored at the annual GM North American International Auto Show Breakfast last month, and he was named Top Salesperson in the U.S. by both Chevrolet and Cadillac for the third year in a row.

“They are a big part of our accomplishments,” Reda said, crediting Les Stanford employees Merna Beydoun and Sam Awada for his achievements.

Reda has also co-authored a book, How to Sell 100 Cars in a Month, with motivational speaker Damian Boudreaux.

“It explains in a lot of detail about relationship-type selling and being active in the community,” he said. “It’s more designed for him to take to dealerships to the salespeople.”

In 2016, Reda broke dealership records for monthly sales multiples times. He was also the top salesperson in Michigan for five years running. With that under his belt, Reda set his sights on 2017 and knew he could break the world record.

“I knew it was attainable,” Reda said. “I had such a fast start in 2017, and I was really busy the entire year. Around May I had a feeling I could do it.”

He actually broke the record by the end of November, but had to wait until his total annual sales were confirmed at the end of the year.

“By the end of the month one of my managers said I passed it. It was a surreal moment, also humbling. I had that wow feeling,” he said. “Then it was back to work.”

The record is in review by the Guinness Book of World Records.

“Being a 44-year record,” Reda said, “it’s a tough number to hit. I see why it hasn’t been broken before. It takes 12 consecutive strong months to make it happen…. I’m so blessed and absolutely humbled. To be in the same sentence as Joe Girard is unbelievable.”

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  • Craig says:

    he sold a record 1,582 vehicles, beating the previous record of 1,425 vehicles by 1,973 units.


  • Tim G says:

    Joe Girard is not taking this well.

  • Nabil Hamade says:

    Records are there to be broken, Good for Ali this accomplishment. I think Joe Girard is happy that he lead the way for Ali Reda.