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Milwaukee Dealership Crimes: 6 Teens Arrested

October 24, 2017 0 Comments

Six teenagers have been charged with a string of dealership crimes in Wisconsin.

According to WITI, During September and October of this year, there were multiple incidences of dealership-related crime in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area. Those crimes have now led to multiple arrests and charges. The suspects charged with the various crimes are:

-19-year-old Joshua Brown

-18-year-old Antonio Price

-18-year-old Tybress Cannon

-17-year-old Jerrion Jackson

-17-year-old Demetrius Parks

-17-year-old Javeon Smith:

The alleged crimes are wide-ranging. In one incident, authorities found a stolen dealership vehicle parked on a median with the keys to another dealership vehicle sitting inside. In another incident, multiple dealership keys and three cars were stolen from a dealership. In yet another case, a suspect led police on a two-hour pursuit in a stolen Nissan Murano, which was found only when police used GPS to track it. Finally, in another incident, police found suspects in the process of street racing using stolen dealership vehicles.

We’ve reported on the rise in dealership-related crimes out of the Milwaukee area for over a year. When you think of your neck-of-the woods, what strategy are you undertaking at your store or group when it comes to dealership security?

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