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Missouri To Allow Direct-to-Consumer Tesla Sales

December 6, 2017 0 Comments

Tesla’s state-by-state legal challenge to franchise dealership laws continues, this time in The Show-Me State.

DrivingSales News has reported previously on Tesla’s never-ending crusade against long-standing dealership laws. From Connecticut to Utah to Virginia to Michigan and others, Tesla is constantly putting itself in legal battles to try to change those dealership franchise laws.

According to the Washington Post, the latest example is in Missouri, where this week an appellate court ruled that Tesla could sell its vehicles directly to consumers. The Missouri Automobile Dealers Association had sued the Missouri Department of Revenue back in 2015 for allowing Tesla a license to sell its EVs directly to consumers. Following the result from the appellate court this week, Tesla indicated to the WAPO, in part, “The decision (Tuesday) is a victory for Missouri consumers who want the choice to learn about and purchase their Tesla in their home state.”

Speaking about the decision to the WAPO, Missouri Automobile Dealers Association executive director Doug Smith said, “We believe that today’s Appeals Court decision does not hold the government accountable, but rather enables a system where the Department of Revenue can arbitrarily issue a license to anybody for any reason, without an appropriate and necessary mechanism for Missouri taxpayers to challenge those decisions.”

What is your take on the constant lawsuits by Tesla to challenge dealership franchise law?

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