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Nissan and Hytch Unveil “Incentivized Carpooling”

February 8, 2018 0 Comments

While ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft have carpooling setups, neither will pay drivers specifically for it.

According to CNET, Nissan is partnering up with startup Hytch and its interesting Hytch Rewards program. The program will pay drivers and riders (be it family, coworkers, or the like) to carpool. Hytch’s CEO calls it “incentivized carpooling.”

Hytch tracks the shared ride via GPS, whether it’s a regular carpool or a ride-hailing service. Once the shared ride is confirmed with someone else using the app, you’re rewarded with $0.05 per mile traveled. Users can cash out in $10 increments, which could take a while, but free money is free money.

The cash deposits come from various sponsors, which is where Nissan comes in. The Hytch app is launching in Tennessee first – Nissan calls Nashville home – but if it gains traction, it could expand to other markets.

The traffic in Nashville is “pretty gnarly,” and increased carpooling could help quite a bit. According to Hytch data, if just 6 percent of Nashville commuters carpooled, it would cut 1,500 daily trips from the roadways.

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