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Nissan Workers Reject Unionization by 62%

August 7, 2017 1 Comment

A major-push for unionization at a major auto production facility has failed.

Multiple media outlets are reporting about the employee rejection of a union at a Canton, Mississippi assembly plant. Plant workers voted on August 4th 2,244 to 1,307 in opposition of unionization of the plant. In an AP report, Nissan spokeswoman Parul Bajaj said, speaking about the plant workers, “They have rejected the UAW and chosen to self-represent, continuing the direct relationship they enjoy with the company. Our expectation is that the UAW will respect and abide by their decision and cease their efforts to divide our Nissan family.”

On the other side of the debate, one time presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said in an op-ed in the U.K. Guardian in part, “This could go down as one of the most vicious, and illegal, anti-union crusades in decades.”

During your career in retail auto, what have been your observations in regards to the auto worker union debate?

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  • Mark Dubis says:

    There is no doubt that unions played a pivotal role in protecting workers safety and wages in the previous century. More recently competition for quality workers, federal OHSA regulations, and labor laws are protecting workers so the need for unions has been minimized. With international auto manufacturing plants in SC, AL, GA, TN, and TX, they have dynamic, quality oriented workers and as of today, no unions representation. Southern states also offer less regulations, better weather, good tax climate, and a business friendly attitude. I doubt we will see any new manufacturing plants in the north started by an auto company other than the Detroit 3.