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Owner of South Carolina dealership arrested for breach of trust

May 5, 2017 0 Comments

The owner of the Davis Family Auto Center was jailed this week for failing to pay a woman after he sold her truck.

Dillon Police Chief David Lane reported that Brandon Davis has been charged with “11 counts of breach of trust over $10,000 and two counts of breach of trust $2,000 to $10,000,” with the first charge confirmed Thursday night and the rest added Friday morning. He offered no additional details about the charges, as the case is still under investigation.

The police report released on Thursday evening details responding to a civil dispute at the dealership. The caller told the police she had dropped off her truck at the dealership – with the tag and insurance still on it – and made a “verbal agreement” with Davis to sell her Ford F-150 truck. When she came back a few weeks later, the truck had been sold but Davis had not paid her.

Davis said he would pay the Anderson Brothers Bank once he obtained the full payment from the truck’s new owner, but when the woman and her husband contacted him, the police report notes, “he gave them the runaround.” According to the woman, Davis paid the bank $1,000 while the “complainant stated they owe $30,000 on the truck.”

When first interviewed by the police, Davis told them they needed to wait for the credit bureau in order to access the money. He later admitted to receiving the money and using it elsewhere, so he did not have the full amount.

Police Chief Lane tells customers to contact the police if they are concerned about purchases from the Davis Family Auto Center, or if they have problems getting titles or tags for their vehicles.

Two employees at Davis Family Auto Center said they are concerned about their jobs. One employee, who has been there since opening in October 2016, drove cars bought from auctions to the dealership and worked on social media marketing. He has not been interviewed by police and doesn’t know if he’ll keep his job.

The second employee is looking for a new job following Davis’s arrest.

On the dealership’s Facebook page, a woman claiming to have bought a car from the dealer said she recently learned about a lien on the car she’d purchased and urged other customers to check their vehicles for liens and other issues.

Calls made to the dealership went unanswered. Davis is currently detained at Dillon County Detention Center.

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