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Porsche Store Theft Occurs 30 Minutes After Closing

January 20, 2017 1 Comment

Today’s story involves a theft from a Porsche dealership that involved windows being smashed, multiple vehicles getting stolen and the theft occurred just minutes after the dealership closed.

According to Fox 32, the Porsche Exchange dealership out of Highland Park, Illinois, was hit by a heavy dose of car thieves. The report states on January 7, at around 30 minutes after closing (which according to the dealership website is 5:30) the store was hit. Thieves reportedly smashed a window to gain access to the store, then proceeded to move to the service area, stealing five vehicles which had the keys still inside. This type of theft mirrors another crime in the Chicago-area, which occurred in December involving multiple thieves hitting a luxury lot and taking cars with keys inside.

David Sloan, President of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association told Fox 32 on the recent dealership crimes, “They come in waves, and try to find cars that have the keys left in them because then, it’s an easy opportunity to steal. We just told our dealers to be on the lookout, use best practices when it comes to handling the keys, don’t leave cars unattended, don’t leave cars running, don’t leave keys in cars.”

In an effort to prevent more crime following the December theft, police increased patrols and warned dealers of the potential for theft. What security precautions do you take at your store or group in regards to keeping vehicles and their keys safe when the store is closed?



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