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Report: Mustang Runs Into Lamborghini Dealership

March 14, 2017 0 Comments

Today’s story involves a caught-on-camera situation with a sports car, an exotic vehicle dealership and slick weather conditions.

A man driving a Ford Mustang lost control of his vehicle and hit the fence of a Lamborghini dealership. According to a FoxSports report, the whole interaction reportedly happened because the mustang asked others to record him. Two men recorded the mustang as it left the parking lot in front of the other vehicle, accelerated, lost control and then hit what appears in the fence to be the outside wall or fence of the store. The men in the car ask if the driver is ok and the video ends.

The fox report indicated the driver was not injured in the crash and likely didn’t hit any of the highly expensive vehicles in inventory on the lot. We at DrivingSales News are grateful this incident ended without anyone getting hurt. Have you ever had a situation like this one occur near your store or group?


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