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Salesman Says He’ll Refund the $7K He Stole from Customers

November 13, 2017 0 Comments

A former Toyota salesman is accused of stealing at least $7,000 from customers.

According to a Desert Sun report, Jose Jacob Garza, 41, a former salesman at I-10 Toyota, in Indio, California, stole from customers and the dealership. It’s alleged that at least $7,000 of the money was taken from customers. Garza reportedly accepted cash payments from customers and created false receipts before pocketing the cash (and, obviously, not reporting the payments to the dealership).

While the alleged crimes have resulted in Garza being charged with grand theft, the former salesman reportedly left on “vacation” prior to the dealership’s discovery of the theft; he did not return from that vacation, and actually called the dealership saying he would refund the monsy.

According to the Desert Sun, whether the money was ever repaid remains unclear.

What is your take on this salesman’s theft? What is the biggest challenge dealers face when it comes to finding and retaining trustworthy employees?

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