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Report: Salesmen Used Customer CID For 16 Years

July 19, 2017 2 Comments

For Today’s story a woman went into a dealership to purchase a vehicle, only to find out two dealership salesmen had been continually misusing one aspect of her personal information…for 16 years.

WDIV is reporting that at least two-dealership salesman misused a Chrysler Identification Number (CID) used at their dealership…in 2001. As the story goes, an 88-year old woman, known as Wilma, worked for Chrysler and had a CID. The CID gave her discounts on vehicle purchases. She knew that, but what she didn’t know is that two salesman at a Clinton-Township, Michigan Chrysler, Dodge Jeep Ram store had been using her discount to cut deals for 16 years. The woman and her family found out when a family member attempted to use her CID, however it turned out, it had been used the maximum seven times that month, by complete strangers. Wilma’s CID-connected account showed purchases with her code going back several years and tied in large part to two salesmen. Wilma also had eligibility for two $500 credits towards a new vehicle purchase. However, she wasn’t able to use the vouches as she found out they were used by unknown customers and, she was taxed for them. It’s not clear in the story at what point she discovered the voucher tax issue.

The dealership GM reported being angry with what the salesman did, telling WDIV one of the salesmen retired and the other faced undisclosed discipline. The store tried to write a check to Wilma for $1,500, reportedly wanting to undo any monetary loss, however, before Wilma could cash the check, Chrysler began their own investigation into the case, putting financial assistance from the Michigan Chrysler store on hold for the time being. Has this type of discount code issue ever cropped up at your store or group?



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  • Some dude says:

    The GM didn’t know???? Yeah ok, either he’s stupid or in on it.

  • g short says:

    That is going to be one large charge back!