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Report: Wholesale Dealers Opening ‘Ghost’ Locations in Washington

February 17, 2017 0 Comments

Today’s story involves wholesale dealers opening up shop in Washington state to take advantage of certain laws on the books. However, as a news investigation found out, sometimes those businesses based out of Washington led to fraud in other states.

According to KING5 news report, Washington State is being inundated with wholesale auto dealer businesses. As the story goes, auto wholesalers are opening up empty mail front locations in Washington State to make use state laws. During the news investigation, the station found vacant storefronts with a “for rent” sign where three dealerships were supposed to be.

Multiple incidents of fraud all across the U.S.A have reportedly come from wholesalers based out of Washington. The Washington state department of licensing indicated in the story, they aren’t able to help any consumers who are defrauded outside of the state of their jurisdiction.

What is your take on the so-called ghost wholesalers based out of Washington? Have you ever encountered a wholesale dealer based in Washington, but doing business out of state?

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