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March Dealership Digital Marketing Report

The March Dealership Digital Marketing Report is here and it’s showing us some valuable insights on website engagement.

This report compares March 2016 to March 2017, showing us how this web engagement is growing and changing.

April 17, 2017
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Ride-Sharing Services Open Up New Marketing Opportunities For Local Businesses

As the use of ride-sharing services continues to grow, Uber and Lyft are testing programs that could pose further threats to dealerships and their traditional vehicle sales models, while opening up potential new marketing opportunities for local businesses.

March 7, 2017
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Study: Motivating Performance

A new DrivingSales study is giving more insight into what motivates employees at a dealership. While some of the findings seem on par with expectations, others may surprise you.

Feb. 10, 2017
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DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards 2016

The results of the 2017 DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards are In.

Jan. 30, 2017
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Dealer Digital Marketing Report December 2016

The dealer digital marketing report from December 2016 is here, and we can see there are some great strides that were made from December 2015 to December 2016.

Jan. 11, 2017
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Dealers Top 5 Turnover Concerns

We talked to dealers across the country to find out what their top five turnover and human capital management concerns were.

Dec. 22, 2016
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Fraser McCombs Capital Bridges the Gap to AutoTech

Following the second annual AutoVentures Conference, we spoke with FMC and AutoVenture’s prize-winner, Aaron Krane – CEO of Drive Motors. In the last decade, auto dealers – along with their manufacturers and vendor-partners – have become increasingly adaptive. Reactive progress among industry relics has resulted in major strategic acquisitions, unexpected partnerships, and Silicon Valley-based think-tanks. […]

Nov. 29, 2016
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The Growing Importance Of Participating In Vendor Ratings

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important to consumers when deciding what products and services to use. BrightLocal surveyed 2,354 people in the U.S. and Canada to find out how much reviews influence their choices, and the results illustrate the massive effect on consumers’ decision-making.

Nov. 11, 2016
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Industry Experts Predict Top Automotive Trends

With predictions that a quarter billion connected cars will be on the road around the world by 2020, the possibilities for automotive innovations are increasing exponentially. Forbes shared some of the most significant automotive trends, based on opinions from twenty-six experts in the industry.

Nov. 10, 2016
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Making the Most of Your Customer’s Time

On the third and final day of the 8th Annual DrivingSales Executive Summit, vendors and progressive dealers from around the world gathered to listen to a message from Julie Hoffmann Leader of Digital Guest Experience Strategy at MGM Resorts International.

Oct. 27, 2016
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Automotive Retail Leader-to-Leader Sit Down, Part 3

Why has the dealership franchise model stood the test of time?

Sept. 29, 2016
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Automotive Retail Leader-to-Leader Sit Down, Part 2

What do these two CEOs have to say about the importance of the customer relationship?

Sept. 28, 2016
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