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Tag : Future of Automotive

Presidents Club: Future of Automotive Retail

What will the next five years of automotive retail look like?

April 14, 2017
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President-Elect Donald Trump Nominates Secretary of Transportation

As President-elect Donald Trump works on his transition to the White House, he has already announced his nomination for Secretary of Transportation. Donald Trump’s transition team has announced his nomination of Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation. Chao previously served as U.S. Labor Secretary under President George W. Bush as well as deputy Secretary of […]

Dec. 1, 2016
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Report: Automotive Technology Impact for Dealers

See how auto technology advancements might be changing the way your dealership operates.

Nov. 22, 2016
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Are Automakers And Suppliers Taking Connected Car Cybersecurity Seriously?

Cybersecurity issues remain a big concern with connected vehicles technology…

Oct. 30, 2015
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Self-Driving Cars Could Cut Vehicle Sales By 40 Percent

Self-Driving cars could make up a quarter of the automotive market by 2035, they could also cut auto sales by 40 percent.

May 21, 2015
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Survey: Consumers Want Dealers To Bid On Their Business

A recent survey by surveyed 2,500 drivers and car shoppers across the U.S. The questions centered on what these consumers would like from the car shopping experience in the future. This survey took place online between February 20th and March 15th of this year. According to the results of the survey, consumers would like to have […]

March 24, 2015
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LG, Mercedes-Benz Team Up For Self-Driving Technology

Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with LG to make their luxury vehicles smarter and safer. The two organizations are going to collaborate to make Mercedes vehicles more intelligent in order to take some of the stress of everyday driving off of motorists and into the hands of a highly advanced computer system. Woo-Jong Lee, President and […]

Dec. 26, 2014
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Google Seeking Self-Driving Partnerships

According to Google, Self-Driving cars could be on the road by 2017, however, how likely is that to occur? Google introduced their small pod-like autonomous vehicles during a demonstration under the sunny skies of Mountain View, California earlier this year. The vehicles resembled the ‘Cozy Coupe’ marketed to children, however Google foresees them becoming an […]

Dec. 22, 2014
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