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Tag : Model 3

Compare & Contrast: Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevy Bolt

On Monday, Tesla revealed the new Model 3 specs – so, of course, let the comparisons begin. As expected, the Model 3’s closest competitor is the Chevy Bolt. The Model 3 and the Bolt are Tesla and Chevy’s respective first attempts to appeal to consumers while holding strong on range as well as what has […]

Aug. 11, 2017
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Elon Musk Employs Common Dealership Tactics with Model 3

While Tesla, Inc., tends to proclaim how innovative and set-apart its electric vehicles are from the competition, Elon Musk’s methods for promoting the new Model 3 echo how mainstream dealers have traditionally drawn showroom traffic. In a July 31 report, Barclays analyst Brian Johnson wrote that Tesla’s marketing tactics for the Model 3 are “similar […]

Aug. 9, 2017
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AutoNation’s Mike Jackson Skeptical Of Tesla’s 500,000 Production Goal

Mike Jackson isn’t sure 500,000 vehicles by 2020 is going to happen.

May 16, 2016
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