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Tag : Toyota

DOJ: Dismiss Toyota Criminal Charge

This all started in 2014, when Toyota was agreed to a $1.2 billion settlement.

Aug. 15, 2017
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Toyota launches Job One production for 2018 Camry

Toyota has launched its Job One production of the Camry midsize sedan at its largest manufacturing plant in Georgetown, KY, founded in 1985 and capable of building 550,000 vehicles and 600,000 engines per year.

June 29, 2017
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Toyota breaks up with Tesla, ending six-year partnership

In a move that “firmly” established Toyota and Tesla as rivals, the Japanese auto company quietly sold its stake in Tesla last year. The stake sale ended a six-year partnership between the automakers, a Toyota spokeswoman said on Monday.

June 8, 2017
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Toyota Expects Demand For Plug-In Hybrids To Overshadow Conventional Hybrids

Toyota’s chairman, Takeshi Uchiyamada, led the development of the Toyota Prius. Now, he expects that demand for the latest plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) will grow more quickly than it did for the original Prius.

Feb. 17, 2017
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Report: Toyota Working on 300-Mile EV

Toyota prevously invested in the Miarai to the tune of $160 million dollars.

Nov. 7, 2016
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Toyota To Test Keyless Car-Sharing Service Next Year

Toyota has announced plans to test a new car-sharing system next year that will allow users to unlock doors and start vehicles from their smartphones.

Nov. 1, 2016
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Toyota Plans To Use Artificial Intelligence In Its Vehicles Within Five Years

The idea of vehicles that can think, act and take some control from drivers to perform evasive maneuvers is a key component of Toyota’s efforts…

June 22, 2016
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Toyota Reportedly In Discussions To Buy Robotics Company Boston Dynamics

Could this be a major asset for Toyota in its development of autonomous vehicle technologies?

May 31, 2016
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Toyota Invests In Uber And Creates New Leasing Program

The partnership could mean drivers paying their car payment with Uber earnings.

May 27, 2016
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Toyota Partners With Microsoft To Accelerate Technology Development

What is the new Toyota Connected and what does the subsidiary aim to achieve?

April 4, 2016
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Toyota Hires Robotics Company Engineers To Further Autonomous Vehicle Development

Toyota certainly has the potential to gain major traction in the autonomous vehicle market.

March 11, 2016
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Toyota Developing Wearable Device To Assist Blind and Visually Impaired People

The device resembles a small travel pillow and can be worn around the user’s shoulders.

March 8, 2016
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