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Tesla Gives Out Range During Hurricane

September 12, 2017 0 Comments

In the midst of a tragic natural disaster, Tesla owners received a boost. Literally.

According to the Washington Post, during hurricane Irma, Tesla motors gave some of its owners more range. As WAPO reported, some Tesla owners in the hurricane Irma evacuation zone received a boost in battery range from 210 miles up to 249. How did it happen? The boost was given to owners of Tesla vehicles who opted for a 75kwh battery with a computer limit on range. For those owners, more range would have cost more money. During the storm, however, Tesla allowed those cars to use their battery to its full potential, perhaps helping them leave town easier. The increase in range will reportedly be reversed on September 16.

As more EVs make their way onto the roads, do you think more and more automakers will opt for this type of instantaneous network vehicle update?

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