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Test Drive Carjacking At Gunpoint

September 21, 2017 0 Comments

A Washington woman is facing prison time after an armed carjacking during a dealership test drive.

As reported by iFiberOne, Lisa D. Miller, 50, has been sentenced to two years behind bars for her test drive car jacking. As the story goes, in May of 2017, Miller visited LA Auto Rack, out of Moses Lake, Washington. Miller reportedly asked to test drive a 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse, with the unusual request to have the salesman drive.

Miller reportedly asked the salesman to drive the Eclipse to where her car was parked, as she said that she, “needed to grab something from her car.” The salesman reportedly obliged and Miller soon thereafter grabbed a 9mm handgun from her car, pointed it at the salesman, and commanded him to drive. The salesman then drove a short distance, stopped the car, and ran away, at which point Miller drove off in the car. A short while later, police located and arrested Miller.

What training do you have in place for your dealership staff when it comes to handling potentially dangerous test drive situations?

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