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Test Drive Carjacking, Tesla & Dealership Theft

November 6, 2017 0 Comments

This is your dealer minute!

First off, according to USAToday, during the week of October 30th, 56 sets of keys were stolen from Prunedale Motors, in Monterrey, California. The 26-year old suspect in the case was later arrested after being found in a vehicle stolen from the store; the suspect was  in possession of 56 sets of keys to dealership vehicles.

Next up, Tesla Motors is continuing its state-by-state legal battle, this time in Wisconsin. A bill, proposed November 1st in the Wisconsin state legislature, would allow Tesla Motors to sell its vehicles directly to consumers.

Finally, According to WCMH, Charles Brantley McGinnis recently went on a test drive at Germain Nissan, in Columbus, Ohio, before carjacking the vehicle at gunpoint. McGinnis reportedly brandished a gun during the test drive, and, following “a struggle”, the salesman was able to ” jump out of the car before calling 911.”

This has been your look at dealership news from all across the USA.

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