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Thief Keeps Returning Stolen Cars to Dealership

February 9, 2018 0 Comments

On Monday afternoon, staff at Basil Ford in Niagara Falls reported a 2013 black Ford Taurus missing from the used car lot, according to the police report. The staff noticed the car missing on Saturday, but they didn’t report it stolen right away.

As reportedly by BuffaloNews, the dealership “waited to notify police of the stolen vehicle because in the past the stolen vehicles get returned in a day or two,” an officer wrote in the police report.

“This is not the first time that this has happened and this has been an ongoing issue for the past few months,” a sales manager told the Niagara Falls police.

Over the past six months, vehicles have been reported stolen twice, said Niagara Falls Police Capt. Michael Trane. More thefts could have occurred, as well.

The last time a vehicle was reported stolen, it was recovered in a Target parking lot up the road, Trane said.


The Niagara Falls Police detectives are working on the case, but no arrests have been made yet.


There has been no report on the return of the 2013 Taurus, police said.

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