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Dealer Minute: Tornado Damage & $82,000 Theft

The dealership suddenly closed shop and reportedly left former customers out $82,000.

May 1, 2017
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Thieves Steal $10k GT-R Tires/Rims From Dealership

The reward to find out who stole the dealership property is $3,000.

May 9, 2017
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Consumer Flying Vehicle Goes on Sale in 2017

Multiple media reports have indicated a new startup is working on the development of a flying car. Kitty Hawk, a startup backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, has created a flying vehicle prototype.

April 27, 2017
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$49,000 Theft, Tire Thieves & The Hail Sale One dealership decided to use hail damage as a marketing campaign.

May 3, 2017
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DrivingSales Presidents Club 2017: MVI Winners

One of the most valuable insights came from studying the 911 police dispatch system.

April 13, 2017
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Smash-and-Drive Theft, Dealership Blaze & Chevy Bolt A man reportedly kicked in a window at a very upscale urban Chicago Infiniti dealership.

May 10, 2017
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US Auto Sales Continue to Slow, Demand Shifts from New to Used

Auto sales just keep falling. As the negative trend continues, the annualized sales price “adjusted for seasonal trends” decreased from 17.4 million last year to 17.1 million a year.

May 4, 2017
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April Auto Sales Down Following March Trend

Following the decline of auto sales in March, April’s sales struggled to meet 2016 goals and fell short.

April 25, 2017
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Tesla Lawsuit Alleges Autopilot Safety Issues The legal complaint called Tesla's Autopilot "unsafe to use."

April 22, 2017
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A Dealership Crash, Lawsuit & Acura NSX

This is your look at dealership news from all around the nation!

May 23, 2017
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Brazen Thieves Ram Fence, Steal 5 Vehicles

For today’s story, thieves undertake a brazen theft at a Wisconsin auto auction location. This crime left the business with missing and damaged vehicles.

May 17, 2017
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