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Truck Stolen During Test Drive

February 6, 2018 0 Comments

A dealership customer in Florida told a salesman he was in a hurry to buy and thus test-drive a truck. Ultimately, however, the man took the truck and didn’t return to the store.

According to a WFLA report, Evan Neely, 29, was arrested after stealing a vehicle from Golden Gate Automotive, a dealership in Pasco County, Florida. As the story goes, Neely was on the dealership lot shopping for a vehicle and speaking with a salesman, when he mentioned he was in a hurry and asked to test-drive a 2005 Nissan Frontier. Neely also reportedly showed the salesman an envelope full of cash that he was going to use to buy a vehicle. Per the report, the salesman gave Neely the keys to the truck, and the customer left on the test drive and didn’t return.

When the vehicle was not brought back to the dealership in a timely manner, the police were called. They located Neely driving the Nissan Frontier. Policy reportedly turned on their lights to stop Neely, who then sped up, driving 60 miles per hour on residential streets before crashing into a fence, trying to flee on foot, and getting tackled and arrested by police.

How do you train the staff at your store or group when it comes to handing erratic or just unusual customer interactions?

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