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Utah woman steals Camaro, leads police on two car chases

July 13, 2017 0 Comments

On Wednesday, a woman stole the keys to a Chevy Camaro from a Layton dealership and led police on two car chases before hiding inside a Mountain Green home for over an hour.

The Layton Police Department said that Kristine Malan, 50, was “arrested peacefully” after being talked out of the house after the second and final chase.

“We got a call from employees at Young Chevrolet on Main Street in Layton this afternoon saying a woman had just come in and committed a robbery,” said Lt. Travis Lyman with the Layton PD.

Malan was described as “forceful and aggressive” during the car theft, and Lyman said that the dealership employees thought she might have a gun on her.

Police saw the stolen vehicle on Main Street, called for backup and gave chase until it was “too dangerous to continue.”

The vehicle was later spotted on Highway 84 in Weber Canyon, prompting officers to start up a second pursuit. The woman driving the Camaro pulled up to a house in Mountain Green, 15 miles northeast of Layton, and went inside.

“She came to this address and officers could see her at different times in and out of the house, but she would not comply with any demands,” said Lyman.

The police, unsure if Malan was armed or not, made contact with the residents of the house – which included small children – who told the police the woman refused to leave.

After 80 minutes, Lyman said, the police were “finally able to take her into custody as she was coming to the door to release one of the small children that were inside.”

The police are trying to determine what relationship, if any, exists between Malan and the residents of the house.

“She knows the people who live here, she doesn’t live here herself… I don’t know what motivated her other than that,” Lyman said.

No injuries were reported during the theft, chases, or standoff. Malan has been arrested, with the police looking into whether or into she had a gun.

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