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VW Microbus Van Going Into Production

August 28, 2017 1 Comment

It’s an iconic vehicle associated with sunshine and surfing, and, in the latest reboot, it won’t be associated with gasoline.

According to multiple media reports, Volkswagen is planning to put their Microbus EV concept into production. The vehicle shares visual similarities with the vintage beachside cruiser; however, the new version will be fully electric. The buses will get between 268-370 horsepower and will come in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. The new VW vehicle will also reportedly seat up to eight passengers and have a range on par with the Tesla Model S, at 270 miles.

Adding to the intrigue is VW’s indication that the Microbus will have level three self-driving capability. This conditional autonomy level allows the vehicle to take over certain functions while making sure a human driver is always ready to take back over.

What is your take on VW’s plan for an 8-passenger van with 270 miles of range? Do you think with the right price point this vehicle could make an impact on the ever-growing EV market?

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  • JimKeffer says:

    I think this one’s a winner. Because of the iconic status of the Microbus this vehicle will cut through the Electric clutter and compete favorably with Tesla. Welcome back VW!